A Day in the Life: [Houdini Goats]

To say the week before our last market was crazy would be a huge understatement. Not only was it the craziness that is just part of market week, we also had added stresses like moving venues and escaping goats. Yup, you read that right... escaping goats. My husband Tony has decided that with all of our spare time we shall become hobby farmers. One thing about Tony is if he gets something in his head there ain't no stopping him. (Picture us and our 5 kids, aged 2-8 in our Yukon with 13 chickens and 11 quails... Now that is a sight for sore eyes). Tony somehow managed to grow our herd of goats to 9 in what feels like overnight... 4 of whom are pregnant (add goat doula to my job description).

On to the escaping --- let me set the scene for you: our poor babysitter was here the night the goats first got out. Her and a kind neighbour managed to corral them in the dark of night. We were certain the gate just hadn't been closed properly --- all until I see the goats in the field yet again in the morning. As a brave hobby farmer, I knew what to do - grab the grain and herd the goats. Yeah... It wasn't that easy! luckily one of our employees was around and after 45 minutes (that I'll never get back) we managed to get every last goat in the pen... with lots of running and lots of laughing.

So the story goes to market week... I was on the phone with some important people and Bree for what felt like an eternity, feeding my children cheerios and marshmallows to keep them quiet enough to sound like I wasn't living in an unsupervised daycare. I look up out my kitchen window and see my goats galloping to the field. In that moment I said, "No more!". My goats decided to be free and I decided to let them be free. I called the husband and said, "Your goats are out and I'm not chasing them." Sure enough, my Tony came home on his chariot and gathered his goats. My day continued on with cheerios and marshmallows and lots of phone calls.  I ended the week with our market being more successful then I could have even imagined and a goat pen that was secured against escaping goats.

My motto for the week was 'all is well that ends well' ... So take that to heart friends - in the crazy hiccups of life, remind yourself that all is well and make sure to have a good laugh along the way... Even if you have to picture me running through a field throwing grain like confetti to 9 Houdini goats.