A Day in the Life: [Bahumbug]

I'll be honest, I still haven't decided about this whole Christmas deal. Half of the time I want to be Cindy Lou and half of the time I just end up being a Scrooge. Of course it's exciting and a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus - but it's also a whole lot of work. Bahumbug. Every year I decide I'm going to be that mom - you know, the one with fancy advent calendars and stockings hung with care... But this year I didn't even get my kids the cheap $2.29 advent calendars and nope, still can't find the stockings. Bahumbug. I dream of a house and barn with perfectly strung white lights that make people think I live in Pinterest land. We actually decided to hire a company to do that for us this year, and nope, didn't even get that far. Bahumbug. Every year for our 9 years of wedded bliss, the putting up of the Christmas tree has caused a fight with me and the mister. Every. Single. Year. Bahumbug. I honestly can't stand Christmas music. I know that makes me sound like The Grinch 2.0, but Lord help me if I have to hear 'Christmas Shoes' one more time. Bahumbug. 

This year I did managed to get some awesome Christmas cards made. Last year, Tony told me he was embarrassed of our cards... so I had to step it up a notch this time around (FYI Minted is the best!!! I have extra cards, so send me your address and I can even mail ya one!). I did have one moment of brilliance when setting up my tree... I saw my love for rusty, galvanized metal finally have a purpose!!! I put my tree stand inside of an old wash basin. It looks pretty great if I do say so myself. It's not considered hoarding if I'm putting it to good use is it?! 

What I do love about Christmas is the few traditions that my family does have. We ALWAYS have quiche for breakfast Christmas morning - it really wouldn't be Christmas without it. We love to watch movies and maybe even play a game or two... that I will inevitably win (I actually hate playing games... it's right up there with reading a book - can we all just watch the movie version already?!) I love eating until I can't stand to eat any longer. Mom's world famous pumpkin torte, almond roca, licorice allsorts, and caramel popcorn. I love spending Christmas Eve with Tony's family. Elf must be watched and an indoor soccer game must be played to make our eve complete. See I really DO love Christmas. Even if I don't like Christmas carols. 
I wanna know - what do YOU do that makes your Christmas special? And what are some things that make you Christmas crazy?