New Year + New Decade

Today I turn 30. I wasn't expecting the mixed emotions that I have - a decade changing means the closing of one chapter and being on the brink of a whole new one. My twenties were full to say the least... crazy some would say. You know things like getting married at twenty, having a 3 month old on your first wedding anniversary (and then adding 4 more babies to the clan in the 5 years that follow)... moving 9 times and starting two businesses - yeah crazy. But it was a beautiful decade - I grew up. I could actually feel myself becoming an adult at certain moments. Having a birthday in January does kinda tend to stink... But I've decided that this year while everyone thinks about New Years resolutions and yaddi yadda... I may as well be cliche and start my 30's off right. While I probably should be resolutioning about reading more books, working out more (or ever), eating healthier and saving more money... what I can't stop thinking about, as silly as it is, is "The Blindside" (you know -- the movie with Sandra Bullock) I watched it again recently and I cried like a baby. If you haven't seen it - please do... it really is so touching. The one scene that has been playing over in my mind is the part where Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra) tells her husband to stop the car and she gets out and asks this boy where he is going - when he was clearly lying she asks him flat out if he has anywhere to stay - when he doesn't, she says: "get in the car". She noticed him. Of all the people who drove past that boy - she noticed him. But noticing wasn't enough - she stopped and she did something about it. Sometimes I get so caught up in doing "great" things that I forget that my heart really is to just notice people. I just want to notice people. To stop being so consumed with my life and my stuff, and to notice the boy walking down the street with no where to sleep. That is how I want my 30's to be defined. I want to be a woman who always has room for one more... whether that's one more mouth to feed or one more hug shared with a friend. With this being my theme for my 30's what better way then to start than with a killer party with those that I love (minus my parents... who were on vacation...  and my in laws who were babysitting my nieces --- sorry mom and ma!) Stay tuned for that blog post!