New Year + New Decade

Today I turn 30. I wasn't expecting the mixed emotions that I have - a decade changing means the closing of one chapter and being on the brink of a whole new one. My twenties were full to say the least... crazy some would say. You know things like getting married at twenty, having a 3 month old on your first wedding anniversary (and then adding 4 more babies to the clan in the 5 years that follow)... moving 9 times and starting two businesses - yeah crazy. But it was a beautiful decade - I grew up. I could actually feel myself becoming an adult at certain moments. Having a birthday in January does kinda tend to stink... But I've decided that this year while everyone thinks about New Years resolutions and yaddi yadda... I may as well be cliche and start my 30's off right. While I probably should be resolutioning about reading more books, working out more (or ever), eating healthier and saving more money... what I can't stop thinking about, as silly as it is, is "The Blindside" (you know -- the movie with Sandra Bullock) I watched it again recently and I cried like a baby. If you haven't seen it - please do... it really is so touching. The one scene that has been playing over in my mind is the part where Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra) tells her husband to stop the car and she gets out and asks this boy where he is going - when he was clearly lying she asks him flat out if he has anywhere to stay - when he doesn't, she says: "get in the car". She noticed him. Of all the people who drove past that boy - she noticed him. But noticing wasn't enough - she stopped and she did something about it. Sometimes I get so caught up in doing "great" things that I forget that my heart really is to just notice people. I just want to notice people. To stop being so consumed with my life and my stuff, and to notice the boy walking down the street with no where to sleep. That is how I want my 30's to be defined. I want to be a woman who always has room for one more... whether that's one more mouth to feed or one more hug shared with a friend. With this being my theme for my 30's what better way then to start than with a killer party with those that I love (minus my parents... who were on vacation...  and my in laws who were babysitting my nieces --- sorry mom and ma!) Stay tuned for that blog post!



A Day in the Life: [Bahumbug]

I'll be honest, I still haven't decided about this whole Christmas deal. Half of the time I want to be Cindy Lou and half of the time I just end up being a Scrooge. Of course it's exciting and a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus - but it's also a whole lot of work. Bahumbug. Every year I decide I'm going to be that mom - you know, the one with fancy advent calendars and stockings hung with care... But this year I didn't even get my kids the cheap $2.29 advent calendars and nope, still can't find the stockings. Bahumbug. I dream of a house and barn with perfectly strung white lights that make people think I live in Pinterest land. We actually decided to hire a company to do that for us this year, and nope, didn't even get that far. Bahumbug. Every year for our 9 years of wedded bliss, the putting up of the Christmas tree has caused a fight with me and the mister. Every. Single. Year. Bahumbug. I honestly can't stand Christmas music. I know that makes me sound like The Grinch 2.0, but Lord help me if I have to hear 'Christmas Shoes' one more time. Bahumbug. 

This year I did managed to get some awesome Christmas cards made. Last year, Tony told me he was embarrassed of our cards... so I had to step it up a notch this time around (FYI Minted is the best!!! I have extra cards, so send me your address and I can even mail ya one!). I did have one moment of brilliance when setting up my tree... I saw my love for rusty, galvanized metal finally have a purpose!!! I put my tree stand inside of an old wash basin. It looks pretty great if I do say so myself. It's not considered hoarding if I'm putting it to good use is it?! 

What I do love about Christmas is the few traditions that my family does have. We ALWAYS have quiche for breakfast Christmas morning - it really wouldn't be Christmas without it. We love to watch movies and maybe even play a game or two... that I will inevitably win (I actually hate playing games... it's right up there with reading a book - can we all just watch the movie version already?!) I love eating until I can't stand to eat any longer. Mom's world famous pumpkin torte, almond roca, licorice allsorts, and caramel popcorn. I love spending Christmas Eve with Tony's family. Elf must be watched and an indoor soccer game must be played to make our eve complete. See I really DO love Christmas. Even if I don't like Christmas carols. 
I wanna know - what do YOU do that makes your Christmas special? And what are some things that make you Christmas crazy? 


Bree's Holiday Wishlist

Is it just me, or does it feel like NOBODY this year knows what they want for Christmas!? (Talk about first world problems...) Oh, and P.S. - only 15 sleeps until Santa is here, people.  I think that what lots of people are wanting this year is an experience rather than another material item. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE giving and receiving gifts probably MORE than the next girl, but sometimes it's hard! SO - if you aren't as 'girly' as me or Larissa, and the Viktor & Rolf BONBON perfume (which we are both obsessed with) is just too sweet for you to handle, consider asking for an 'experience' like... skiing, throwing an adorable/cozy party, or (naturally) going to SoCal. If those aren't in the budget (and you do appreciate adorable things), then we highly suggest ANY of the below items. Like, who wouldn't want a colour changing mug from David's Tea?! Or the coziest + cutest sweater of all time from Cake for Breakfast. Yes, the instax mini 8 is on my list again this year because it is just so perfect and classic and who doesn't want instant memories!? I actually do have a few of these adorable druzy hair pins from Plum Polka Dot that I picked up at our last market, BUT I want them in every colour (hint, hint, Mumzie). AND, for the reader in your house - the NEW Mindy Kaling 'Why Not Me?' book is awesome - such an easy read, hilarious, and surprisingly inspirational. Do you have any suggestions for Christmas? Comment below and let us know!!! 

Anyways, HAPPY hump day! I'm now getting off my couch and going shopping... so much to do, so little time.  I <3 Santa. 



A Day in the Life: [Houdini Goats]

To say the week before our last market was crazy would be a huge understatement. Not only was it the craziness that is just part of market week, we also had added stresses like moving venues and escaping goats. Yup, you read that right... escaping goats. My husband Tony has decided that with all of our spare time we shall become hobby farmers. One thing about Tony is if he gets something in his head there ain't no stopping him. (Picture us and our 5 kids, aged 2-8 in our Yukon with 13 chickens and 11 quails... Now that is a sight for sore eyes). Tony somehow managed to grow our herd of goats to 9 in what feels like overnight... 4 of whom are pregnant (add goat doula to my job description).

On to the escaping --- let me set the scene for you: our poor babysitter was here the night the goats first got out. Her and a kind neighbour managed to corral them in the dark of night. We were certain the gate just hadn't been closed properly --- all until I see the goats in the field yet again in the morning. As a brave hobby farmer, I knew what to do - grab the grain and herd the goats. Yeah... It wasn't that easy! luckily one of our employees was around and after 45 minutes (that I'll never get back) we managed to get every last goat in the pen... with lots of running and lots of laughing.

So the story goes to market week... I was on the phone with some important people and Bree for what felt like an eternity, feeding my children cheerios and marshmallows to keep them quiet enough to sound like I wasn't living in an unsupervised daycare. I look up out my kitchen window and see my goats galloping to the field. In that moment I said, "No more!". My goats decided to be free and I decided to let them be free. I called the husband and said, "Your goats are out and I'm not chasing them." Sure enough, my Tony came home on his chariot and gathered his goats. My day continued on with cheerios and marshmallows and lots of phone calls.  I ended the week with our market being more successful then I could have even imagined and a goat pen that was secured against escaping goats.

My motto for the week was 'all is well that ends well' ... So take that to heart friends - in the crazy hiccups of life, remind yourself that all is well and make sure to have a good laugh along the way... Even if you have to picture me running through a field throwing grain like confetti to 9 Houdini goats.



Market at Heritage Hall - November 28, 2015

Here are just a FEW pics that Bree had time to take at last weekend's market! It was held at the amazing and historic, Heritage Hall in lovely Pitt Meadows, B.C. With 40 perfectly curated vendors and nearly 3000 attendees packing the old hall, we were thrilled with the turnout of our 3rd market of the year.

We both can't believe have fast this year has gone by and are beyond thankful to every vendor and attendee that has followed along with us in this journey. We cannot WAIT for 2016 and to meet even MORE amazing small business owners. We are also stoked to start our BLOG that will include real life stories, DIY's and vendor spotlights.

We want you to know that we truly love you all. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.



Venue Change - November 28, 2015


Due to such an overwhelming response for our market, it has come to our attention that the parking space at SKY Hangar just won't cut it for all of our lovely attendees. NO ONE wants to walk 10 minutes in the rain!!!!! This has led us to search out a new (even MORE awesome) historical building that will fit us all just perfectly!!!

Address is 12460 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows (Heritage Hall)

9AM-4PM Saturday, November 28

Admission: 5$

Parking: Free

We will see you THERE!!!